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When you first enter the workplace, you may think that work experience refers to the length of work and job qualifications in a certain position. However, this is not the case. Two people who went to the company for internship at the same stage may open the gap after 1-2 years of work, even if they do the same job. For most people, IQ and abilities are similar. However, determining the gap between each other is a work habit and a way of thinking. How to complete your career thinking conversion? In fact, it is often started from small details. Today, the staff share some simple and effective work details to provide long-term help for your career.


First, the work log

Writing a work log is not to perfuse the leader, but to make up for the lack of traps and develop good habits. From the log can show what a person did on the day? What is the output? What did you get on this day?

In the company, the employees have to write a work log every day, and they will be fined if they don’t write. Most employees take the work log as a task, and the editorial content is only for the sake of perfunctory leadership, nothing more. Until one day, an employee's log was rewarded by the top leaders and screenshots were sent to the company group, and everyone realized the importance of writing a work log. The employee clearly described the problems he had done every day and the problems he encountered, and also raised his own ideas for solving problems. It is conceivable that the employee was promoted to a raise and was re-used by the company.

So, how can the work log be written to get the appreciation of the leader?

1. What work has been done today;

2. What problems have been encountered;

3. Plan to try to solve these problems;

4. What is the plan for tomorrow?










3, the storage of documents, to establish good habits

Document storage must be divided into categories, and then create folders to be classified and stored in order. Many people like to put all the documents on the desktop of the computer, until they can't put them down and try to sort them out. Is this habit good? If the location of your documents is not uniform, sometimes in folders, sometimes on the desktop, it is very confusing, and it often takes a lot of time to find them. Of course, if you can unify the rules, there is nothing wrong with it.

Third, record at any time

The superior explained a few tasks, suddenly forgot one of them, and was embarrassed to ask the leader. This phenomenon has been encountered by many people in the workplace. Most people have a short memory and store information for up to a few minutes. As the saying goes: good memory is not as bad as a pen. If you can't remember, you should learn to record at any time, write down the problem, and then think about how to do it.

At any time, any important information is heard and assigned to any task. The first instinct is not to perform, not to think, but to record. Put a small book and pen in the bag to make it happen when you need it; use your mobile phone to record or use a memo. It is recommended that everyone have a set of memo styles that are suitable for them to facilitate understanding and efficiency.

Fourth, time management

One of the most effective ways to improve work efficiency is to manage time and control your time every day. There will be no illusion that you are working all day, but you feel that you have nothing to do.

Especially in today's information explosion, although we have removed the cost of our initiative to obtain information, it has invisibly distracted us. For example, colleagues discuss the latest gossip or hotspots, which may not help the work, and the time will go away. It is obvious that it is an hour to scan the microblogging results on the Internet; when the output is structured, Because of the WeChat group chat and distracted for half an hour. This has led to a small amount of actual work, but it has continued to complain that time is not enough, and I work very hard.



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